Visit Us:
You'll Find us tucked away in the woods just 4 miles from Shaker Village in Canterbury, New Hampshire.

Traveling Rte. 93 North and South, use exit 18. Follow signs for Shaker Village. Once on Shaker Rd., continue North for 2.5 miles past Shaker Village and take your first left. Go 1.5 miles following "Smoke House" signs and take first right.

Travelling Rte. 106 North, follow signs for Shaker Village using same directions as above.

Travelling Rte. 106 South, exit in Belmont and follow Shaker Rd. for 4 miles. Take right and go 1.5 miles following "Smoke House" signs.

Phone Number & Store Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm (Closed Mondays)
Sunday - 12pm-4pm