Located at the end of a small gravel road in the rural central NH town of Canterbury (Pop. 2,000) Fox Country Smoke House began as Olde House Smoke House in 1969 as a service for local farmers. Charley Fox and his wife Carolyn, having returned to the US from Madrid, Spain, purchased a large colonial farmhouse and began a small farming operation. With the idea of smoking his own pork, and maybe neighbors pork as well, Charley hand picked stones from his own fields and built a smokehouse capable of smoking 400 lbs. at a time. Using his own hand mixed cures and a special blend of hardwoods and oak from trees on the farm, Charley created superior tasting hams and bacon. With well over a million pounds of pork smoked, the original recipe is still used today...

In 1974 Yankee Magazine wrote an article on building your own smokehouse and featured the Fox smokehouse. Calls began coming in throughout the northeast requesting ham and bacon, and so came the idea to offer smoked items to the non-farm community. The Product line grew slowly throughout the years and in 1978, Fox Country Smoke House became a USDA inspected facility with just a handful of items available for mail order. In 1992 Charley's son Matthew joined him, and with the added help came more product.

Today, Fox Country offers a full line of country smoked products, including, ham, bacon, sausages, cheese, fish, beef jerky, pet treats and a variety of jams and maple syrup. The original cure is still carefully mixed by hand, insuring the quality customers have come to expect. Items may be purchased at our retail location in Canterbury, at a variety of meat and specialty stores throughout New England or sent directly throughout the USA.

In Yankee Magazine's book entitled "The Forgotten Arts" you can still read about Fox Country Smoke House or "Olde House", although the art of curing and smoking is not something we have forgotten. If you get a chance, come and get lost on the back roads of Canterbury, you'll be sure to find us.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Matthew Fox